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Like all the great hotels of old, Las Clementinas’ lobby Café and Bar is a place for travelers and locals to dine and meet. The menu is best described as Panamanian classics lovingly updated and made with care–the kind of comfort food that foreigners fall in love with when they visit and Panamanians crave when they travel.

Each dish–from risotto con coco to ropa vieja–has been researched and refined to perfection by our Chef, who has created Panamanian food as it was meant to be, using fresh, local ingredients, many of which come right from Las Clementinas garden!

But the Café and Bar are only the beginning. Panama’s most exotic dining experience awaits in Las Clementinas secret garden. After decades of being hidden from view, a forgotten garden was discovered thirty feet below street level nestled into the historic city wall. Now restored, the garden provides the setting for unique, intimate private dinners and events.