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Day Trip to Colon by Train

The Panama Canal was made possible by a train, built in the 1850′s to service the crowds drawn to California by the great Gold Rush of 1849. The train still winds through the jungle along the edge of the Canal on its way from Panama to the Caribbean coast each morning and back each afternoon.
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Whale Watching

September through January is normally considered prime whale watching season in Panama, though lately the whales have been sticking around all year.


Many of our guests like to take day trips to the beaches near Panama City. Whether you want to spend an hour, all day or go for a few days, we can organize a beach trip to your liking. Some of our favorites are: Taboga Island for a day trip–it’s a short ferry ride from
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The backbone of the Americas passes through Panama on its way from Canada to Chile, with a brief break in Panama City (just low enough to allow the Canal to pass, thankfully). But driving for just over an hour from Las Clementinas, you can be breathing fresh, cool mountain air in El Valle. And a
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